Largely thanks to a low inventory, sales are so brisk in the Dover/Rochester/Somersworth Tri-City region that many homes are closing at above-asking price.

In fact, because sales are up 36 percent from last year, the fastest growing real estate market in the country is in Strafford County. That’s almost 50 percent greater than the next-highest county (Merrimack County). Furthermore, when buyers place contracts on homes, they’re bringing their money to the table quickly, because Strafford County closings are up a whopping 62 percent since this period last year. In addition to the low inventory, a low interest rate is driving up sales.

Selling Inherited Property

The phrase “seller’s market” is music to the ears of persons trying to sell inherited property, but in reality, these words only mean that there are more potential buyers in the market. As anyone who has ever sold real property will attest, there is a significant gap between potential buyers and interested/qualified buyers. There is yet another leap between interested/qualified buyers and actual buyers.

A realtor fills in these gaps. One of the most important steps in the home sales process – and it is a process – is converting shoppers to potential buyers. A realtor knows what techniques have the most impact, in terms of curb appeal and home staging, to make that transition occur. A realtor can also ensure that the buyer is financially qualified, and as a bonus, possibly find out the buyer’s financial parameters in terms of maximum and minimum price. At this point, your realtor becomes a highly qualified negotiator who can get maximum value for your property.

Inherited property requires a specialized touch, because, in addition to selling the property itself, a realtor will generally sell the neighborhood and the story behind the property. These items are especially effective in the early stages, because marketers know that a good story always draws people in and sets the proper tone for a favorable financial transaction.

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