Earlier posts have covered selling via an auction, and selling on your own (for sale by owner). Today, I want to share information with you on selling to an investor. This is the method to choose if you are in a hurry to sell and you will walk away with hard cash after the deal closes.



  • You can sell the property as-is without having to make repairs. In fact, the more repairs needed, the more enticing the property is to an investor (more so than a typical home buyer) because of the sheer expense the repairs would cost.
  • You’ll get a quick and solid closing with a dependable, financially sound investor.
  • You’ll avoid commissions and other fees like an inspection.
  • You don’t have to deal with the belongings in the house. You can take anything of value and leave the rest.
  • You’ll have cash somewhat immediately available which, for some people is the quickest, most direct route to helping to move on from the loss of the loved one.


  • You’ll get less money for your property. Investors have a certain margin to be able to make repairs, get it on the market and make a profit. Because of that, you won’t get the amount you would if you listed.