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Are you thinking of downsizing? Just unexpectedly inherited a piece of property? Need to relocate for work? Don’t have the time or resources to make your outdated home look new again? Well, if you’re in the Nashua, NH area, give Unique Realty a call. We are here to help sell your home as fast, simple, and efficient as possible. We will buy your home as-is, and make you a top cash offer, no fuss, no muss.

We are here to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have. After that initial conversation, we’ll come out to see your house to get a proper understanding, and thus evaluate, the condition of your home. We will then make you a fair and honest top cash offer. If you choose to accept we will take care of all the details for you so you can move onto the next chapter of your life.

We Buy Your Home As-Is in Nashua

We will buy your home as-is. No repairs. No commissions. No cleaning. No open houses. No hidden fees.

We take care of it all for you. But what does it mean to sell your home as-is? Well, simply put, you’re selling your home without making those little repairs, without having to do any cleaning, which makes everything move a little faster and easier.

One of the biggest benefits of this is the time and money you’ll save. Most homeowners don’t want to put any extra time or money into the sale of their home. And we all know that once you start fixing up one area another area is sure to follow. It’s a domino effect.

When selling your home to an investor, you won’t be paying commissions on the sale which can add up to a pretty big number, typically it’s 6% of the sales price. So if you sell a $200K house, the commission is $12K, now that’s a pretty big number when you take in all the repairs you did as well.

The good thing is that when you sell to an investor you typically don’t pay closing costs either so your SAVINGS ARE HUGE!

The amount of time you’ll spend overseeing the construction team, getting the house ready for sale, and then listing with an agent and further waiting for a buyer who usually needs 45 days or so to close on that home (which is a fairly long time frame), it is far better to just sell your house to an investor.

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